Programming WebLogic Deployment

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Introduction and Roadmap

Document Scope and Audience

Guide to This Document

Related Documentation

New and Changed Deployment Features in This Release

Understanding the WebLogic Deployment API

The WebLogic Deployment API

WebLogic Deployment API Deployment Phases

Configure an Application for Deployment

Deploy an Application

weblogic.Deployer Implementation of the WebLogic Deployment API

When to Use the WebLogic Deployment API

J2EE Deployment API Compliance

WebLogic Server Value-Added Deployment Features

The Service Provider Interface Package



Module Targeting

Support for Querying WebLogic Target Types

Server Staging Modes

DConfigBean Validation

The Model Package


Accessing Deployment Descriptors

The Shared Package


Command Types for Deploy and Update

Support for Module Types

Support for all WebLogic Server Target Types

The Tools Package


Deployment Plan Creation

Configuring Applications for Deployment

Overview of the Configuration Process

Types of Configuration Information

J2EE Configuration

WebLogic Server Configuration

Representing J2EE and WebLogic Server Configuration Information


The Relationship Between J2EE and WebLogic Server Descriptors


Application Evaluation

Obtain a Deployment Manger

Types of Deployment Managers

Connected and Disconnected Deployment Manager URIs

Using SessionHelper to Obtain a Deployment Manager

Create a Deployable Object

Using the WebLogicDeployableObject class

Using SessionHelper to obtain a Deployable Object

Perform Front-end Configuration

What is Front-end Configuration

Deployment Configuration

Example Code

Reading In Information with SessionHelper

Validating a Configuration

Customizing Deployment Configuration

Modifying Configuration Values


Application Naming

Deployment Preparation

Session Cleanup

Performing Deployment Operations

Register Deployment Factory Objects

Allocate a DeploymentManager

Getting a DeploymentManager Object

Understanding DeploymentManager URI Implementations

Server Connectivity

Deployment Processing



Application Start

Application Deploy

Application Stop


Production Redeployment

In-Place Redeployment

Module level Targeting

Retirement Policy

Version Support

Administration (Test) Mode

Progress Reporting

Target Objects

Module Types

Extended Module Support

Web Services





Recognition of Target Types

TargetModuleID Objects

WebLogic Server TargetModuleID Extensions

Example Module Deployment

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