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Packages that use ValidatedInfo

Uses of ValidatedInfo in weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.dv

Methods in weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.dv with parameters of type ValidatedInfo
 Object XSSimpleType.validate(String content, ValidationContext context, ValidatedInfo validatedInfo)
          Deprecated. validate a given string against this simple type.
 void XSSimpleType.validate(ValidationContext context, ValidatedInfo validatedInfo)
          Deprecated. validate an actual value against this simple type.

Uses of ValidatedInfo in weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.xs

Fields in weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.xs declared as ValidatedInfo
 ValidatedInfo XSElementDecl.fDefault
 ValidatedInfo XSAttributeUseImpl.fDefault

Methods in weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.xs that return ValidatedInfo
 ValidatedInfo XSAttributeDecl.getValInfo()

Methods in weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.xs with parameters of type ValidatedInfo
static Object XSConstraints.ElementDefaultValidImmediate(XSTypeDecl type, Object value, ValidationContext context, ValidatedInfo vinfo)
          Deprecated. check whether a value is a valid default for some type returns the compiled form of the value The parameter value could be either a String or a ValidatedInfo object
 void XSAttributeDecl.setValues(String name, String targetNamespace, XSSimpleType simpleType, short constraintType, short scope, ValidatedInfo valInfo, XSComplexTypeDecl enclosingCT)

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