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Class SecurityManager

  extended by weblogic.apache.xerces.util.SecurityManager

Deprecated. please use JDK supplied XML parsers and transformers

public final class SecurityManager
extends Object

This class is a container for parser settings that relate to security, or more specifically, it is intended to be used to prevent denial-of-service attacks from being launched against a system running Xerces. Any component that is aware of a denial-of-service attack that can arise from its processing of a certain kind of document may query its Component Manager for the property ( whose value will be an instance of this class. If no value has been set for the property, the component should proceed in the "usual" (spec-compliant) manner. If a value has been set, then it must be the case that the component in question needs to know what method of this class to query. This class will provide defaults for all known security issues, but will also provide setters so that those values can be tailored by applications that care.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 int getEntityExpansionLimit()
 void setEntityExpansionLimit(int limit)
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Constructor Detail


public SecurityManager()
Method Detail


public void setEntityExpansionLimit(int limit)


public int getEntityExpansionLimit()

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