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Packages that use SymbolHash

Uses of SymbolHash in weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.dv

Methods in weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.dv that return SymbolHash
abstract  SymbolHash SchemaDVFactory.getBuiltInTypes()
          Deprecated. get all built-in simple types, which are stored in a SymbolHash keyed by the name

Uses of SymbolHash in weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.xs

Methods in weblogic.apache.xerces.impl.xs with parameters of type SymbolHash
static void XSConstraints.checkElementDeclsConsistent(XSComplexTypeDecl type, XSParticleDecl particle, SymbolHash elemDeclHash, SubstitutionGroupHandler sgHandler)
static void XSConstraints.findElemInTable(XSComplexTypeDecl type, XSElementDecl elem, SymbolHash elemDeclHash)

Uses of SymbolHash in weblogic.apache.xerces.util

Methods in weblogic.apache.xerces.util that return SymbolHash
 SymbolHash SymbolHash.makeClone()
          Deprecated. Make a clone of this object.

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