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Package weblogic.cluster.singleton

Provides interfaces to support WebLogic Clustering.


Interface Summary
ClusterLeaderListener Listener that is called when the local server becomes the cluster leader.
Leasing The Leasing interface provides access to leasing services, which allow servers in the cluster to gain exclusive ownership over named entities.
LeasingBasis A LeasingBasis provides the underpinnings for implementing the LeaseManager.
MigrationData Information about one ongoing or completed migration.
RemoteLeasingBasis A RemoteLeasingBasis provides a remote implementation of LeasingBasis.
SingletonService This interface defines a stateless lightweight singeton service that has the following contract:
Activate is invoked on one and only one server in a cluster Deactivate can be called anytime after activate is called.

Class Summary
DatabaseLeasingBasis LeasingBasis that leverages an HA-database for lease ownership.
DomainMigrationHistoryImpl Holds the migration history of all domain members for exposure through console.
LeaseManager Implementation of the Leasing interface.
MigratableServerService MigratableServerService registers ServerMigrationCoordinator with the MBean server and creates the ClusterMaster Leasing implementation.
QueryHelper Helper class for ClusterMaster to determine servers that are unresponsive and to find lease owners.
QueryHelperImpl Helper class for ClusterMaster to determine servers that are unresponsive and to find lease owners.
RemoteLeasingBasisImpl Remote implementation of RemoteLeasingBasis as a wrapper around a LeasingBasis.
ReplicatedLeasingBasis LeasingBasis that delegates to replicated remote instances.
SimpleLeasingBasis Dumb LeasingBasis that holds leases in-memory.

Exception Summary
ClusterReformationInProgressException ClusterReformationInProgressException is just a tagging exception on top of IOException to indicate to the caller that consensus is going on right now.
MissedHeartbeatException Exception that is sent by a LeasingBasis implementation if it failed to deliver a heartbeat in a suitable time interval.

Package weblogic.cluster.singleton Description

Provides interfaces to support WebLogic Clustering.

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