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Uses of WebLogicTargetType in weblogic.deploy.api.shared

Fields in weblogic.deploy.api.shared declared as WebLogicTargetType
static WebLogicTargetType WebLogicTargetType.CLUSTER
          The target is a WebLogic Server cluster.
static WebLogicTargetType WebLogicTargetType.JMSSERVER
          The target is a JMS Server.
static WebLogicTargetType WebLogicTargetType.SAFAGENT
          The target is a SAF agent.
static WebLogicTargetType WebLogicTargetType.SERVER
          The target is a single WebLogic Server instance.
static WebLogicTargetType WebLogicTargetType.VIRTUALHOST
          The target is a virtual host.

Methods in weblogic.deploy.api.shared that return WebLogicTargetType
static WebLogicTargetType WebLogicTargetType.getWebLogicTargetType(int i)
          Returns the WebLogicTargetType object having the specified ordinal value.

Uses of WebLogicTargetType in weblogic.deploy.api.spi

Subclasses of WebLogicTargetType in weblogic.deploy.api.spi
 class WebLogicTarget
          WebLogic extension to the javax.enterprise.deploy.spi.Target interface.

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