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Package weblogic.jms.extensions

WebLogic Server extensions to JMS.


Interface Summary
ClientSAF The JMS Client SAF (store-and-forward) feature enables JMS clients to enqueue messages on a local file system.
JMSNamedEntityModifier Interface to be implemented by the user that can be passed as an argument to the JMSModuleHelper create and findAndModifyEntity APIs.
MDBTransaction JMS extension to associate a message delivered to a MDB (message-driven bean) with a transaction.
ServerSessionPoolFactory Factory interface for creating Server Session Pools.
ServerSessionPoolListener Listener interface for MessageListeners used by a ServerSessionPool.
WLConnection A WLConnection provides fields and methods that are not supported by javax.jms.Connection.
WLDestination A WLDestination provides methods that are not supported by javax.jms.Destination.
WLMessage A WLMessage provides methods not supported by javax.jms.Message.
WLMessageFactory A WLMessageFactory provides vendor specific methods not supported by JMS specification.
WLMessageProducer A WLMessageProducer provides methods not supported by javax.jms.MessageProducer.
WLQueueSession A WLQueueSession provides fields and methods not supported by javax.jms.QueueSession.
WLSession A WLSession provides fields and methods that are not supported by javax.jms.Session.
WLTopicSession A WLTopicSession provides fields and methods not supported by javax.jms.TopicSession.
XMLMessage An XMLMessage is used to send a message containing XML content.

Class Summary
ClientSAFFactory This class is a factory for JMS ClientSAF objects, which can be used to control configuration aspects of the Client SAF (store-and-forward) system.
ConsumerInfo ConsumerInfo represents JMS consumer informaton used by JMS message management APIs to provide consumer information to management clients in CompositeData format.
DestinationInfo This class represents information about a JMS destination.
JMSHelper Deprecated. Replaced with JMSModuleHelper.
JMSMessageFactoryImpl Implements WLMessageFactory.
JMSMessageInfo This class encapsulates a JMS message and meta-data that describes the context of the message as it exists in the server at a given point in time.
JMSModuleHelper This class contains JMS helper methods for locating JMS runtime MBeans (i.e., monitoring) as well as methods to manage (locate/create/delete) JMS Module configuration entities (descriptor beans) in a given module.
JMSRuntimeHelper This class contains JMS helper methods for locating JMS runtime (i.e., monitoring) JMX MBeans.
Schedule Time Scheduler

Exception Summary
ClientSAFDuplicateException This exception is delivered to a ClientSAF instance whenever a duplicate running ClientSAF instance is found bound to a given data file directory.
ConsumerClosedException ConsumerClosedException is delivered to the ExceptionListener for a session (if set), when one of session's consumer is closed by the server as a result of a server failure or administrative intervention.
DataOverrunException DataOverrunException is thrown by a multicast session when the number of messages received by the session, but not yet delivered to the messageListener, exceeds the maximum number of messages allowed for the session.
JMSOrderException A JMSOrderException is thrown when the operation cannot meet the requested ordering quality.
SequenceGapException This exception is thrown when a multicast consumer detects a sequence gap in the data stream.

Package weblogic.jms.extensions Description

WebLogic Server extensions to JMS.

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