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Package weblogic.logging

WebLogic Logging APIs for logging messages to server and client logs.


Class Summary
ConsoleFormatter Formats log messages to be displayed on the console.
ConsoleHandler A simple handler which outputs messages to System.out.
FileStreamHandler A simple handler which outputs text messages to a log file.
LogFileFormatter Formats log messages to be written to the server log file.
Loggable Loggable objects are used when there is a need to collect log entry data without actually logging the message until a later time.
LoggingHelper This class provides utility methods to use the WebLogic Logging.
NonCatalogLogger This class provides application services for logging error messages to the WebLogic Server log.
Severities This class defines the constants for all the severities used by WLS Logging.
WLErrorManager An ErrorManager that handles errors by removing the failing handler from the logger and logging a WLLevel.CRITICAL message.
WLLevel This class enumerates the WebLogic specific logging levels.
WLLogRecord WebLogic extensions to java.util.logging.LogRecord Defines the fields in the log records which are specific to WLS.

Exception Summary
LoggerNotAvailableException This exception is thrown to indicate that the requested Logger does not live on the server process on which this request was invoked.

Package weblogic.logging Description

WebLogic Logging APIs for logging messages to server and client logs.

WebLogic Logging supports logging of localized messages using Message Catalogs. There is a NonCatalogLogger provided for logging messages which are not localized. WebLogic Logging supports JDK 1.4 based logging. The LoggingHelper class provides access to the java.util.logging.Logger object used for logging. This allows applications to take advantage of the Java Logging API to add custom Handlers, Filters and Formatters.

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