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Interface Summary
CertificatePolicy The CertificatePolicy interface exposes the CertificatePolicy Extension in the X509Certificate.
CertificatePolicyQualifier The CertificatePolicyQualifier interfcae exposes the PolicyQualifierInfo part in the CertificatePolicy Certificate Extension.
WSUserPasswordDigest The WSUserPasswordDigest interface defines the interface for for tokens that are passed to the assertIdentity call for the wsse:PasswordDigest token type.

Class Summary
CertificatePoliciesExtension The CertificatePoliciesExtension is a class which represent the CertificatePolicies Extension which could be present in the Certificates.
KeyPairCredential This class acts as a holder for cryptographic key information.
PEMInputStream This class implements a BASE64 Character decoder as specified in RFC1521.
PublicCertCredential This class acts as a holder for a single public certificate.
ResourceId The ResourceId class provides an API for creating WebLogic Server security resource identifiers from a Map that describes the resource type and resource key values.
Security This class implements the WLS client runAs methods.
SimpleCallbackHandler A simple CallbackHandler used for returning a username, password and ContextHandler.
SimplePrincipal A simple Principal implementation.
SubjectUtils This class contains utilities for managing Subjects.
URLCallbackHandler A CallbackHandler used for returning a username, password, URL, and ContextHandler.
WLSPrincipals Use this class to find out if a Principal has special meaning to WebLogic Server.

Exception Summary
SecurityInitializationException The SecurityInitializationException is thrown when a problem has been encountered during the initialization of the security subsystem.

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