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Class WLSUserImpl

  extended by
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Principal, WLSPrincipal, WLSUser

public final class WLSUserImpl
extends WLSAbstractPrincipal
implements WLSUser

The WLSUserImpl is a convenience class that implements a WLSUser principal whose name field will be signed by the PrincipalValidatorImpl class. To use this class, you should make the PrincipalValidatorImpl class the runtime class for your Principal Validation provider, or extend that class and make the extended class your Principal Validation provider.

Note: Use of this class is not required by WebLogic Server. It is simply a convenience class.

See Also:
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Constructor Summary
WLSUserImpl(String userName)
          Constructs a principal that represents a WebLogic Server user.
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Constructor Detail


public WLSUserImpl(String userName)
Constructs a principal that represents a WebLogic Server user.

userName - the name of the user, represented as a String.

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