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Interface CustomELFLogger

public interface CustomELFLogger

This is an interface which allows customers to add custom information to the ExtendedLogFormat. They will be responsible for implementing logField(HttpAccountingInfo metrics) method. ELF allows users to specify fields to be logged with each http request. One of these #Fields is an application specific field in the form of x-SOMEFIELDNAME WLS expects a fully qualified classname as the argument for this field and attempts to instantiate an instance of this class. Customers are responsible for following formatting guidlines of the specification. For example if they use one class to return two fields then they need to delimit them via a tab See: for the specification Also they should use caution as this API provides them the opportunity to do anthying they want basically and they should not do something that will inordinantly SLOW the system down. Like looking something up in the DMBS, or doing signigicant IO or Networking

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