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Interface Triggerable

Deprecated. As of WebLogic Server 7.0, replaced by Timer.

public interface Triggerable

Interface for user-written triggers. A trigger method is invoked when the time arrives, as determined by a scheduler. A trigger and a scheduler are paired up via a call to TimeServicesDef.getScheduledTrigger(). The trigger is called repeatedly at times specified by the scheduler until the scheduler returns a time value of zero (0), or until the ScheduledTrigger (returned by the T3ServicesDef.getScheduledTrigger() method) is explicitly cancelled, by calling its cancel() method.

If a trigger throws an exception, it is not automatically rescheduled. You must catch exceptions and reschedule the trigger if you want that behavior.

See Also:
ScheduleDef, TimeServicesDef, ScheduledTriggerDef

Method Summary
 void trigger(Schedulable scheduler)
          Deprecated. Deprecated in WebLogic Server 6.1

Method Detail


void trigger(Schedulable scheduler)
Deprecated. Deprecated in WebLogic Server 6.1

Implement this method to do the work you want to schedule. Then pair the Triggerable object with a Schedulable object in a call to the factory method TimeServicesDef.getScheduledTrigger(), which returns a ScheduledTrigger object, upon which you operate by calling its schedule() and cancel() methods.

scheduler - A Schedulable

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