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Package weblogic.uddi.client.structures.datatypes

Class Summary
AccessPoint AccessPoint element provides a service entry point.
Address Address is a list of AddressLine elements.
AddressLine AddressLine contains simple string.
AuthInfo AuthInfo contains an access token that is passed back in all of the publisher API messages.
BindingKey BindingKey is the unique key for a given bindingTemplate.
BindingTemplate BindingTemplate provide information for determining a technical entry point or remotely hosted services.
BindingTemplates The bindingTemplates contains one or more bindingTemplate structures.
BusinessEntity BusinessEntity represents information about a business or entity.
BusinessEntityExt BusinessEntityExt structure contains zero or more businessEntityExt structures.
BusinessInfo Each businessInfo structure contains company name and description data, along with a collection element named serviceInfos.
BusinessInfos BusinessInfos contains one or more businessInfo data sets in response to a find_business inquiry message.
BusinessKey BusinessKey is a unique identifier for a businessEntity.
BusinessService BusinessService represent a logical service classification.
BusinessServices BusinessServices contains one or more business service descriptions.
CategoryBag CategoryBag is used to specify taxonomy information.
Contact The contact structure lets you record contact information for a person.
Contacts The contacts structure itself is a simple collection of contact structures.
Description The description structure lets you record description for a business, service, and other structures.
DiscoveryURL The discoveryURL structure hold a string that is a web adddressaable discovery document.
DiscoveryURLs The discoveryURLs structure is a simple collection of discoveryURL structures.
Email The email structure store a string.
ErrInfo The errInfo structure stores the description of an error and its error code.
FindQualifier The findQualifier structure is an enumerated name for the means to denote a change in the default search.
FindQualifiers The findQualifiers structure is a collection of findQualifier structures that are passed in findXXXXX inquiry functions to alter the default behaviour of the search functionality.
HostingRedirector The hostingRedirector structure is used to specify the location of a service when it is provisioned via remote hosting.
IdentifierBag The identifierBag structure itself is a simple collection of keyed references.
InstanceDetails The instanceDetails is used to hold web service instance specific information.
InstanceParms The instanceParms structure holds the URL of the setting files that are required to invoke a service.
KeyedReference The keyedReference structure holds a namespace qualified name-value pair.It is stored in the category and identifier bag.
KeyValue The keyValue structure holds a key value in the Keyed reference structure.
Name The Name structure holds a string that denotes a name for business, service, binding, tmodel, etc.
OverviewDoc The overviewDoc structure holds the metadata that describes overview infomration about a particular TModel use.
OverviewURL The overviewURL structure holds the URL to a overview document (overviewDoc).
PersonName The personName structure holds a string that denotes a person's name in the contact structure.
Phone The phone structure store a string.
Result This structure in the disposition Report structure.
ServiceInfo ServiceInfo structure is used to represent a service in the service list response from a find_service call.
ServiceInfos Service infos is a collection of service info structures.
ServiceKey ServiceKey structure holds a string that represents a service key, as in the business services structures.
TextNode TextNode represents the base for all text nodes
TModel TModel provides description of specifications for services and taxonomies.
TModelBag TModelBag is used for searching for a particular fingerprint.
TModelInfo TModelInfo contains a collection of TModelKeys
TModelInfos TModelInfos contains a list of tModelInfo structures.
TModelInstanceDetails TModelInstanceDetails contains list of TModelInfos.
TModelInstanceInfo TModelInstanceInfo structure represents the binding Template instnace specific details for a tModel by reference.
TModelKey TModelKey structure holds a string that represents a tmodel key, as in TModelInfo structures.
UploadRegister the uploadRegister structure hold the url of a web-addressable XML document that can contain a business entity, business entity extended, tModel structure.

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