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Package weblogic.uddi.client.structures.response

Class Summary
AuthToken AuthToken contains the authentication information that should be used in publishers API messages.
BindingDetail BindingDetail contains specific bindingTemplate information in response to a get_bindingDetail or find_binding inquiry message.
BusinessDetail BusinessDetail contains one or more businessEntity data sets.
BusinessDetailExt BusinessDetailExt contains one or more businessEntity data sets in response to a get_businessDetailExt message
BusinessList BusinessList contains one or more businessInfo data sets in response to a find_business inquiry message.
DispositionReport The dispositionReport structure is a collection of result structures that hold imformation about the completion status of a uddi api function call.
RegisteredInfo The registeredInfo structure is a response to a get_registeredInfo message.
ServiceDetail ServiceDetail contains BusinessService structures when returned by get_serviceDetail
TModelDetail TModelDetail contains complete details about tModel.
TModelList TModelList structure is a collection of TModelInfos.

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