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Interface PrimitiveWorkContext

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All Known Implementing Classes:
AsciiWorkContext, LongWorkContext, SerializableWorkContext, StringWorkContext

public interface PrimitiveWorkContext
extends WorkContext

PrimitiveWorkContext is a marker interface used for marshaling and unmarshaling primitive user data in a WorkArea. PrimitiveWorkContexts contain only a single data item that can be accessed via PrimitiveWorkContext.get(). They are provided, not only as a convenience, but because they can be passed between servers without users needing to provide a WorkContext implementation on the target. PrimitiveWorkContext implementations must provide a public no-arg constructor.

Method Summary
 Object get()
          Returns the data associated with this PrimitiveWorkContext.
Methods inherited from interface weblogic.workarea.WorkContext
readContext, writeContext

Method Detail


Object get()
Returns the data associated with this PrimitiveWorkContext.

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