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Package weblogicx.jsp.tags.validators

Interface Summary
Customizable Interface to be implemented by clients wanting to substitute their own validate methods and thus creating new classes to be used as validatorClass attributes in the CustomValidator.
Validatable All validators directly or indirectly should implement the following interface and it is used by Summary to call methods on them.

Class Summary
CompareValidator Compares two strings from the two fields provided in the fieldToValidate attribute.
CustomizableAdapter class provides the default base implementation of the Customizable interface, users can extend this class and override beaviour
CustomValidator Class implements the ValidatableTagAdapter and forms a wrapper around the Customizable classes.
ErrorSummary Custom tag to print all the error messages stored in the summary's error Vector.
FormTag A Tag class which takes the redirect Page and the request method as an argument and writes out a Html form with an action attribute set to itself.
RegExpValidator The RegExpValidator is used for validating regular expressions.
Summary Summary keeps tract of all validators on the page reconstructing and executing validate() on validators and storing the errorMessages in the process.
SummaryTEI class providing the Extra Info..for Summary

Exception Summary

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