Avitek Medical Records Development Tutorials

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Overview of the Avitek Medical Records Development Tutorials

What Is Avitek Medical Records?

How to Use the Tutorials

Tutorial Descriptions

Related Reading

Configuring Domains and Servers

Tutorial 1: Creating a WebLogic Domain and Server Instance for Development

Tutorial 2: Starting the PointBase Development Database

Tutorial 3: Configuring WebLogic Server Resources with the Administration Console

Tutorial 4: Using WebLogic Server Development Mode

Developing the MedRec Applications

Tutorial 5: Creating the MedRec Project Directory

Tutorial 6: Understanding the WebLogic Server Split Directory Structure

Tutorial 7: Compiling Split Development Directory Applications with Ant Tasks

Tutorial 8: Walkthrough of Web Application Deployment Descriptors

Tutorial 9: Deploying MedRec from the Development Environment

Tutorial 10: Using EJBGen to Generate EJB Deployment Descriptors

Tutorial 11: Creating a J2EE Web Service by Programming a JWS File

Tutorial 12: Invoking a Web Service from a Client Application

Tutorial 13: Compiling the Entire MedRec Project

Moving to Production

Tutorial 14: Packaging MedRec for Distribution

Tutorial 15: Using WLST and the Administration Console to Deploy the MedRec Package for Production

Tutorial 16: Creating Users, Groups, and Global Security Roles

Tutorial 17: Securing URL (Web) Resources Using the Administration Console

Tutorial 18: Using the Administration Console to Secure Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) Resources

Tutorial 19: Creating a Deployment Plan and Redeploying the MedRec Package

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