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What’s New in WebLogic Server 9.2


Support for Custom XACML Roles and Policies

Customizable Security Roles and Policies for WebLogic Server MBeans

WebLogic Server Security for Custom MBeans

Bulk Access Versions of Authorization, Adjudication, and Role Mapping Providers

Policy and Role Consumer SSPI

Administration Console Extensions


Dynamic Multi Data Sources

LLR Support for Transaction Recovery Service Migration

Improved Data Source Controls

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Support


WebLogic Diagnostic Framework

WebLogic Diagnostic Framework Console Extension


Client-Side Store-and-Forward for Reliable JMS Messaging

Automatic Failover for JMS Message Consumers

Unit-of-Work Message Groups

WebLogic Store Administration Utility

Improved Non-Persistent Messaging Performance with One-Way Message Sends

JMS Delivery Count Message Property

Deprecation of Messaging Bridge Adapter for WebLogic Server 5.1

Web Services

Implementation of the WS-SecureConversations Specification


SOAP 1.2 Support

Web Services Invocation Using Multiple Transports

Streaming SOAP Attachments

Configurable Server Addresses in the Dynamic WSDL

Web Services Testing Feature in Administration Console

WSSecurityInfo API for Viewing Security-Related SOAP Headers

JWS Annotation Additions and Changes

Web Services Ant Task Changes

Miscellaneous Web Services Changes and Additions

Deprecated Web Services Features


Filtering Classloader

Migration and Clustering

Server Migration

Automatic Singleton Service Migration

Independent Support for Leasing in a Cluster

Job Scheduler

Web Applications, Servlets, and JSPs

WebApp Libraries

JSF and JSTL Libraries

Using Two-Way SSL with Generic Proxy Servlets

Servlet Authentication Fallback Mechanism

Future Response Model for HTTP Servlets

Limiting Number of Concurrent Requests for a Session

Deprecated Servlet Features

Spring Framework Support

WebLogic Tuxedo Connector

Dynamic Configuration Support for WTC Queuing Bridge

WTC Performance Enhancements

weblogic.apache Classes

Standards Support

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