WebLogic Server Performance and Tuning

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Tuning Logging Last Resource

The following sections provide background and tuning information for Last Logging Resource transaction optimization (LLR):


What is LLR?

The Logging Last Resource (LLR) transaction optimization through JDBC data sources safely reduces the overhead of two-phase transactions involving database inserts, updates, and deletes. Two phase transactions occur when two different resources participate in the same global transaction (global transactions are often referred to as “XA” or “JTA” transactions). Consider the following:

See “Logging Last Resource Transaction Optimization” in Programming WebLogic JTA.


LLR Tuning Guidelines

The following section provides tuning guidelines for LLR:

Note: BEA recommends that you read and understand “Logging Last Resource Transaction Optimization” in Programming WebLogic JTA and “Transaction Options” in Configuring and Managing WebLogic JDBC. LLR has a number of important administration and design implications.

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