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Developing Enterprise JavaBeans

These topics show how to develop Enterprise JavaBeans. BEA Workshop for WebLogic Platform provides you with the tools to make EJB development much easier, taking care of many implementation details for you and allowing you to focus on design.

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Topics Included in This Section

Tutorial: Enterprise JavaBeans

This advanced tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to developing Enterprise JavaBeans.

Enterprise JavaBeans in Workshop for WebLogic

Provides an overview of Enterprise JavaBeans and the EJB Project, the role of ejbgen annotations, and EJB controls.

Developing Entity Beans

This topic discusses the development of entity beans.

Developing Session Beans

This topic discusses the development of session beans.

Developing Message-Driven Beans

This topic discusses the development of message-driven beans.

EJB Properties Dialog

This topic explains how to set project-level EJB properties.


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