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Tutorial: Building Enterprise JavaBeans

This tutorial introduces you to the basics of building Enterprise JavaBeans with BEA Workshop for WebLogic Platform (Workshop for WebLogic). Through the tutorial you'll build a very simple application that includes a session bean, an entity bean, and a Java Page Flow (as a client).

Note: This tutorial requests that you create a new workspace; if you already have a workspace open, this will restart the IDE. Before beginning, you might want to launch help in standalone mode to avoid an interruption the restart could cause, then locate this topic in the new browser. See Using Help in a Standalone Mode for more information.

Before You Begin

In general, this tutorial assumes you already know something about Enterprise JavaBeans and how they fit into applications built on J2EE. The Enterprise JavaBeans subject is large enough to fill — indeed, it has filled — entire books, so it's not described in detail here.

However, if you happen not to be familiar with Enterprise JavaBeans, this tutorial includes brief notes along the way about, for example, what entity and session beans are. But it's just enough to keep things moving along. For further reading, you might get started with the following:

Focus of this Tutorial

This tutorial introduces you to Enterprise JavaBeans development with Workshop for WebLogic. As you work through this tutorial, you will:

Application Overview

The visitor tracking application you'll build with this tutorial includes the following components:

Steps in this Tutorial

Related Topics

Applications and Projects

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