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Working with Source Control

Projects in Workshop for WebLogic can be stored in source control systems to be shared with other users.

Sharing Project Files with CVS or Another Integrated Source Control System

Eclipse has integrated features for working with CVS repositories. You may also install a plugin that integrates your source control system with Eclipse.

To share a project through CVS or another integrated source control system, right click on the project in the Page Explorer or Navigator view and choose Team > Share Project. You can then use the standard Eclipse commands for storing the project in a source control repository.

For more information, click Help > Help Contents and click on the Workbench User Guide for more information about using CVS with Eclipse.

Note: The IDE is designed to automatically exclude directories that shouldn't be put under source control. Note, however, that the IDE does not do this for directories not created by the IDE itself, including the .staging directory created by Ant targets.

Sharing Files with other Source Control Systems

If your source control system is not integrated with Eclipse, you can share a workspace by checking in the workspace directory and its contents excluding these directories from checkin. (Not all of these directories and files will exist in every project.)

The following directories and files should be included in source control. (Not all of these directories and files will exist in every project.)

Making a Portable Workspace ZIP File

You can also create a ZIP file that contains the workspace and projects.

If you are making a ZIP file manually or through an Ant task, make sure to exclude these directories from the ZIP file:

If you are making a portable ZIP file with Workshop for WebLogic, select File > Export > Archive file > Next. In the left-hand pane, select the projects you want to include, but unselect the following directories within each project:

To retain the original directory structure when your workspace has multiple projects, make sure to place a checkmark next to Create directory structure for files.

To uncompress the ZIP file and use the workspace, follow the instructions in Workshop for WebLogic Samples.

Other Issues when using Source Control

When projects are to be shared using source control, you may want to save your source files outside the workspace.

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