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Opening a Sample Workspace

The BEA Workshop for WebLogic Platform installation includes several workspaces that contain sample project code. The samples are installed in ZIP files that you can open with Workshop for WebLogic. This topic describes how to import these sample projects into Workshop for WebLogic.

You'll find a list of the installed sample workspaces at The Samples Workspace and Tutorial-based Samples.

How to Open a Sample Workspace in Workshop for WebLogic

To open a sample workspace for the first time, or to recreate a samples workspace in its original state, follow these instructions:

  1. Select File > Switch Workspace. If you want to open the sample projects in their own directory, then create a new empty workspace directory, or select the directory where the sample zip file resides. If you want the sample projects to be co-located with other, already existing projects, then select the workspace where those projects reside.
  2. Select File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace > Select archive file > Browse to the ZIP file BEA_HOME/workshop_10.0/ workshop4WP/eclipse/plugins/com.bea.workshop.product.wl.samples_1.0.0/workspaces/<SomeWorkspace>/<SomeWorkspace>.zip and click Open > Click Finish.

    This will cause the ZIP file to decompress into the workspace directory.

Feel free to modify the samples as you wish. You can always recreate the samples workspace in its original state by running through the procedure above starting with a new empty workspace directory. However, be aware that WebLogic Server does not allow deployment of projects with duplicate names from different locations on disk. See the note below to avoid this pitfall.

Duplicate Project Names Not Supported

WebLogic Server does not support the deployment of projects with the same name from two different locations on disk.

For this reason, anytime you deploy a sample or run through a tutorial, you should check your server for previous deployments of the same code. If your server already has a deployment of the sample or tutorial code, you should either (1) undeploy any previous code, (2) create a new server domain, or (3) deploy the code from the same location as the previous deployment.

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