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Tutorial-based Samples

This topic describes each of the tutorial-based samples. Each of these samples represents the results of completing one of the Workshop for WebLogic tutorials. For instructions on running these samples, see the sample's corresponding tutorial.


This is the completed result of the Advanced Web Service Tutorial. It features web services and web service controls.

Location: BEA_HOME/workshop_10.0/ workshop4WP/eclipse/plugins/com.bea.workshop.product.wl.samples_1.0.0/workspaces/AdvancedWSTutorial


This sample is what you'd have if you completed the EJB Tutorial. The sample features very simple entity and session beans.

Location: BEA_HOME/workshop_10.0/ workshop4WP/eclipse/plugins/com.bea.workshop.product.wl.samples_1.0.0/workspaces/EJBTutorial


This is the result of the JSF Tutorial. This sample features Beehive NetUI used along with Java Server Faces.

Location: BEA_HOME/workshop_10.0/ workshop4WP/eclipse/plugins/com.bea.workshop.product.wl.samples_1.0.0/workspaces/JSFTutorial


This sample is the completed result of the Timer Tutorial.

Location: BEA_HOME/workshop_10.0/ workshop4WP/eclipse/plugins/com.bea.workshop.product.wl.samples_1.0.0/workspaces/TimerTutorial


The complete result of a tutorial on calling a database control from a web application, this sample features Beehive technologies, custom and system controls, and data access.

Location: BEA_HOME/workshop_10.0/ workshop4WP/eclipse/plugins/com.bea.workshop.product.wl.samples_1.0.0/workspaces/WebAppTutorial


This is the completed result of the introductory web services tutorial.

Location: BEA_HOME/workshop_10.0/ workshop4WP/eclipse/plugins/com.bea.workshop.product.wl.samples_1.0.0/workspaces/WebSvcTutorial

Note: you may see WSDL validation errors associated with this sample. These errors are incorrect: to turn off WSDL validation, select Window > Preferences > Validation > uncheck WSDL Validator.


This sample is the completed result of a "getting started" tutorial through which you can become acquainted with Workshop for WebLogic.

Location: BEA_HOME/workshop_10.0/ workshop4WP/eclipse/plugins/com.bea.workshop.product.wl.samples_1.0.0/workspaces/WorkspaceTutorialGetStart

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