Package com.bea.control

Interface Summary
ExternalCallbackTarget The ExternalCallbackTarget interface is a marker interface that should be placed on any control implementation (JCS) class that can be the target of an asynchronous external callback.
JdbcControl Deprecated.  
ServiceControl Provides simplified access to web services.
ServiceControl.Callback This interface provides system notification events such as onAsyncFailure to the service control.
TimerControl The control interface for the timer control.
TimerControl.Callback Provides a way for the Timer control to receive callbacks.

Class Summary
DatabaseFilter The DatabaseFilter class is a helper class for SQL generation.
JdbcControl.SQLFragment SQLFragment.
SoapFault Web service developers can use the SoapFault class to control the shape of the detail of SOAP fault data.

Enum Summary
JdbcControl.CommandType CommandType Enumeration.

Exception Summary
MessageBufferException This a MessageBuffer exception.
RetryException This class can be thrown by controls methods that are buffered to indicate that the method should be called again at a later point in time.
ServiceControlException The ServiceControlException class can be used to throw exceptions from a web service control.

Annotation Types Summary
ExternalCallbackTarget.CallbackSecurity The CallbackSecurity annotation is used on event handlers for controls to specify which roles are allowed to use a particular the event.
ExternalCallbackTarget.ExternalCallbackEvent The ExternalCallbackEvent annotation is used on the events of an event set that recieve callbacks from an external source.
JdbcControl.ClassXsd ClassXsd annotation definition.
JdbcControl.SQLRowSet SQLx annotation definition.
ServiceControl.CallbackJmsQueue This annotation provides the ability to override the default queue name for the callback jws for the service control callback endpoint This annotation can be added manually to the service control and modified on the service control.
ServiceControl.Conversation The Conversation annotation specifies the conversational phase of the method.
ServiceControl.EndpointMethodName The EndpointMethdodName annotation is only used when the JaxRpc Service Endpoint Interface method does not match the method name on the service control.
ServiceControl.ExplicitWrapping Deprecated.  
ServiceControl.Handler Optional annotation indicating the jax-rpc handlers to use.
ServiceControl.HttpConnectionTimeout Configures the HTTP Connection Timeout.
ServiceControl.HttpSoap12Protocol The HttpSoap12Protocol annotation specifies that a particular Web Service control supports SOAP 1.2 over HTTP.
ServiceControl.HttpSoapProtocol The HttpSoapProtocol annotation specifies that a particular Web Service control supports SOAP over HTTP.
ServiceControl.JmsSoap12Protocol The JmsSoap12Protocol annotation specifies that a particular Web Service control supports SOAP 1.2 over JMS.
ServiceControl.JmsSoapProtocol The JmsSoapProtocol annotation specifies that a particular Web Service control supports SOAP over JMS.
ServiceControl.Location The Location annotation provides the location URL for the target service.
ServiceControl.OperationName The OperationName annotation is only used when the target WSDL defines operations with names that are invalid as Java method names.
ServiceControl.Policies The Policies annotation is used to define one or more policies for a port/operation.
ServiceControl.Policy The Policy annotation is used to define the policy for a port/operation.
ServiceControl.SOAPBinding The SOAPBinding annotation indicates the SOAP style, use, and wrapped attributes.
ServiceControl.TypesJarName Deprecated.  
ServiceControl.WSDL The WSDL annotation specifies the path to the WSDL file.