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Beehive NetUI Samples

Two Beehive NetUI samples (NetUI Samples and JSF Integration) have been packaged as Workshop for WebLogic web projects. This gives you a chance to explore the Beehive sample code using the Workshop for WebLogic development tools. It is especially useful to explore these samples using the Page Flow perspective and the JSF related tools.

Note that minimal changes have been made to the Beehive sample code. Only a few JSP validation errors have been corrected (because Eclipse JSP validation is especially scrict). The warnings generated by the Beehive sample code have been left in place. These warnings do not block you from deploying and running the sample code.

The Beehive samples are located in a ZIP archive at:

    BEA_HOME/workshop_10.0/ workshop4WP/eclipse/plugins/com.bea.workshop.product.wl.samples_1.0.0/workspaces/BeehiveSamples/

For instructions on opening the Beehive samples, see Opening a Sample Workspace.

To deploy and run the samples, right-click on one of the following files and select Run As > Run On Server.

Project File to Run
netui-samples netui-samples/src/


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