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upgrade Ant Task

Upgrades a WebLogic Workshop application version 8.1 (SP4, SP5, or SP6) to a Workshop for WebLogic, version 10.0 workspace.

Note: This Ant task is also available as a command-line command. For more information, see upgradeStarter command.

Note: Your version 8.1 application must have been upgraded to SP4, SP5, or SP6 before using this task.

This task exposes through Ant essentially the same functionality exposed by the import wizard when upgrading an application. (See How To: Use the Import Wizard to Upgrade Version 8.1 Applications for information on the wizard.) One exception to this support is that it is not possible with this task to specify a subset of an application to upgrade. For example, this task does not support specifying which projects to upgrade; all projects are upgraded.

This task requires com.bea.workshop.upgrade81.cmdline.UpgradeTask, which is available in the wlw-upgrade.jar. This jar is installed by default to:



The task classpath (as specified by the classpathref attribute in the example below) must include startup.jar (see the eclipseHome attribute description below).

Attribute Description Required
data The Eclipse workspace to which the specified 8.1 application will be imported and upgraded. Yes.
eclipseHome The Eclipse directory that contains startup.jar. By default this is BEA_HOME/tools/eclipse32/eclipse. Yes.
weblogicHome The location of the WebLogic Server root folder.  
pluginCustomization The location of an optional preference file to use during import and upgrade. For more on this file, see the Remarks for the upgradeStarter command. No.
wlwApplication The location of the WORK file for the version 8.1 application that you are upgrading. Yes.


The following illustrates how to invoke this task. In this snippet, BEA_HOME refers to the root of your BEA products installation.

<target name="workshopUpgrade">

    <path id="eclipse.classpath">
        <fileset dir="${BEA_HOME}/tools/workshop/eclipse/plugins" 

    <taskdef name="upgradeTask"



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