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upgradeStarter Command

Upgrades a WebLogic Workshop application version 8.1 (SP4, SP5, or SP6) to a Workshop for WebLogic, version 10.0 workspace.

Note: This command is also available as an Ant task. For more information, see upgrade Ant Task.

Note: Your version 8.1 application must have been upgraded to SP4, SP5, or SP6 before using this command.

This command exposes from the command line essentially the same functionality exposed by the import wizard when upgrading an application. (See How To: Use the Import Wizard to Upgrade Version 8.1 Applications for information on the wizard.) One exception to this support is that it is not possible with this command to specify a subset of an application to upgrade. For example, this command does not support specifying which projects to upgrade; all projects are upgraded.

As with the import wizard, this command does not delete or change the version 8.1 application.


You must use a version 1.5 implementation of the JRE. Also, the classpath must include startup.jar (see the ECLIPSE_HOME argument description below).


java -cp 
    -application com.bea.workshop.upgrade81.upgradeStarter
    -data %WORKSPACE%
    [-pluginCustomization %PREFS_FILE%]



Required. The path to the directory that contains startup.jar. By default for Workshop for WebLogic, this is:



Required. The location of WebLogic Server root folder. By default, this is:



Required. Specifies the application to upgrade. Replace WORK_FILE with the WORK file name corresponding to the WebLogic Workshop 8.1 you want to upgrade.

-application com.bea.workshop.upgrade81.upgradeStarter

Required. The Eclipse plugin extension point used to execute this command.


Required. The name of the target workspace where you want the upgraded application to go. This can be any directory to which you want the version 10.0 application files generated.

[-pluginCustomization PREFS_FILE]

Optional. Specifies a properties file to set options for upgrade. Replace PREFS_FILE with the name of a properties file containing a number of key-value pairs. See the remarks below for a list of possible properties.


The following lists the properties supported in a PREFS_FILE specified by the -pluginCustomization argument.

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