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How to Change the Default Encoding for a New HTML Page

Upon installation of Workshop for WebLogic, the default encoding for a new HTML page (File > New > Other > Web > HTML) is the same as the Java VM encoding. The Java VM encoding value will differ depending on the operating system configuration.

To change the default value to charset=UTF-8 open the HTML Files dialog (Window > Preferences > Web and XML > HTML Files). In the section labeled Creating files, in the Encoding dropdown, select the value ISO 10646/Unicode(UTF-8).

The default HTML encoding is a workspace level setting. This means that each new workspace will be initiated with a default encoding of ISO-8859-1. If another default encoding is desired, it must be reset upon the creation of each new workspace.

Note: the preferences dialog Window > Preferences > Web and XML > JSP Files > Encoding has no effect on the default encoding for JSP files. To change the default encoding for new JSP pages, create a JSP template project and reset the default JSP template.

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