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JSP Data Palette View

Use this view to to drag and drop data objects onto a JSP page in order to create data displays.

How To Open This View

To open this view, select Window > Open Perspective > Page Flow. The view appears in the lower right by default.

How to Use this View

This view displays the data objects that are available to a JSP page based on the contents of the JSP page's <netui-data:declarePageInput> tag.

For example, assume that the following <netui-data:declarePageInput> tag appears on a JSP page.

    <netui-data:declarePageInput name="getCustomersResult" type="model.Customer[]" />

The above tag will cause the JSP Data Palette to be populated with the getCustomersResult data object, as shown below.

The JSP Data Palette also shows:

  1. public JavaBean properties belonging to the page flow controller class.
  2. public JavaBean properties from any shared flows referenced by the page flow controller.
  3. public JavaBean properrties from the backing file of a netui-enabled JSF page.

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