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Troubleshooting The WebLogic Tuxedo Connector


The following sections provide WebLogic Tuxedo Connector troubleshooting information.

Monitoring the WebLogic Tuxedo Connector

The WebLogic Tuxedo Connector uses the WebLogic Server log file to record log information.

Setting Trace Levels

Use the TraceLevel parameter to set the tracing level of the WebLogic Tuxedo Connector on a server node.To enable tracing, add the keyword TraceLevel and with the desired trace value in the Arguments field of the startup class window. Use a comma to separate arguments in the Arguments field.

Example: Arguments=BDMCONFIG=.\mydomain\wtc_config.xml,TraceLevel=100000

Use the following values to set the TraceLevel:


Components Traced






tBridge input and output






more tBridge information






Gateway input and output, including the ATMI verbs






more Gateway information






JAMTI input and output, including low-level JAMTI calls






more JAMTI information




All Components


information on all WebLogic Tuxedo Connector components


Console Settings

To ensure that the all the necessary trace information is written to the log file, verify that server logging settings specify the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides solutions to common user questions.

Cannot Find Configuration File

The error log displays the message Can not find the XML configuration file. What am I doing wrong?



ClassName="" FailureIsFatal="true"

Name="MyWtcStartup Class" Targets="myserver"/>

EJB Deployment Message

When I build the simpserv example, I get the following error:

<date> <Error> <EJB> <EJB Deployment: Tolower has a class which is in the classpath. This class should only be located in the ejb-jar file.>

This error message can be ignored for this release of the WebLogic Tuxedo Connector. The EJB wants all of the interfaces for an EJB call in the EJB jar file. However, some interfaces for the WebLogic Tuxedo Connector are implemented through the CLASSPATH, and the compiler throws an exception. When the EJB is deployed, the compiler complains that the EJB cannot be redeployed because some of its classes are found in the CLASSPATH.

Connection Problems

I'm having trouble getting a connection established between WebLogic Tuxedo Connector and Tuxedo. What should I do?