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ASI Data Synchronization Services

A data synchronization service is a specialized type of business service used by a class of ASIs. Data synchronization services import and export data from Siebel applications and are based on the framework provided by the EAI Siebel adapter. For more information about the EAI Siebel adapter, see Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration. The components of a data synchronization service include:

Many inbound ASIs are built using data synchronization services, and can also be used to populate the parameters of an outbound ASI. The inbound ASI isolates the interface of the outbound ASI and provides an interface that is independent from the data model by isolating the underlying data model through the use of a data map.

NOTE:  Data mapping cannot be specified for outbound ASIs using the internal integration object and data map business service user properties. These user properties are only for use by the data synchronization business service.

Data synchronization services use a pair of integration objects—the internal integration object and the interface integration object—that define the schema of the release-independent interface. Both objects must be provided, even if they are exactly the same, for the ASI to be upgraded at a later date. An internal integration object mirrors the schema of the Siebel business object, while an interface integration object defines the external representation of the data.

Figure 6 illustrates these concepts.

Figure 6. Data Synchronization Services

Component and field names of the internal integration object must match the names of the underlying Siebel business object's components and fields. The interface integration object's components and fields do not need to match; you determine them based on your business requirements.

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