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Scenario for Managing Accounts in Siebel Sales

This topic gives one example of how account management in Siebel Sales might be used. You might use account management in Siebel Sales differently, depending on your business model.

At a vendor site, a sales representative meets a prospect. After a brief discussion, the sales representative determines that the prospect is interested in learning more about the products and services that the sales representative's company sells. The sales representative sets up a sales call with the prospect.

During the sales call, the sales representative asks numerous questions to determine the account structure of the prospect's business and to decide how best to meet the prospect's needs.

The sales representative learns that the prospect's business has four locations, and that each service is billed through the main office, and each location receives a billing statement.

After the meeting, the sales representative returns to the office and begins creating the account structure for the prospect's business.

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