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Scenario for Managing Accounts in Siebel Call Center

This topic gives one example of how account management in Siebel Call Center might be used. You might use account management in Siebel Call Center differently, depending on your business model.

The Accounts screen and views often provide the central navigation point to help call center agents research customers and respond to inbound calls. The type of call determines which view is used by the agent in the Siebel application. The following situations provide examples of how the Accounts screen is used:

  • The call center agent must see the existing account information, including the products owned by the account, to assist a caller with a service request or to follow up on a service request.
  • A caller contacts the call center in response to a sales campaign. Assuming the caller is unknown, the call center agent creates a new account. First, the agent records the account name, address, and other important information. Then, the agent adds a contact or enters other information about the new account. Finally, the agent associates the contact with the campaign that resulted in the call.
  • A call center agent wants to enter information about a prospective account. For example, the agent might call a prospective customer to find out if the customer located requested information on the company's Web site, and whether the customer requires any additional information. The agent adds notes that can be used by a sales representative or schedules follow-up activities to help manage the account relationship.
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