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Generating a Form from a Record (End User)

Users can generate a PDF document that is automatically populated with data from a record in a Siebel application, such as a contact. The PDF file is stored in the Attachments view associated with the record.

To generate a form with data from a record

  1. Navigate to the Contacts screen and select the appropriate record.

    You can also create a new contact record and verify that the record contains the data necessary to populate the form.

  2. From the Contacts list menu, select Generate Form.

    The dialog box provides a list of forms associated with the parent business object.

  3. From the Select Forms dialog box, click the caret symbol on the left side of the list to choose the appropriate form. Click OK.

    You are automatically navigated to the Attachments view of the record where the PDF file is stored for archival purposes. You can then drill down on the Attachment Name field to open the document in Acrobat Reader.

  4. Verify that the form is correctly populated with the data.

Generating Forms for Multiple Records

To generate forms from multiple records such as contacts, perform the same procedure as for a single record, except select multiple records.

When you generate multiple forms, consider the complexity of the form and the number to be generated. If the form is relatively simple, you can typically generate 200 forms at one time without an impact to performance. If the form is complex, generate the forms in batches of no more than 100 forms. For example, for a Citizenship Ceremony, assess the complexity of the form before you decide whether to generate forms in one procedure or in batches.

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