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Creating the Form Record Referencing the PDF File

Form records must be maintained within Siebel Business Applications so that the forms are available to users. This process allows administrators to add new forms, update forms with newer versions, and deactivate or remove old and obsolete forms.

Only users with administrator privileges can modify or delete form records. Typically, older forms are flagged as inactive rather than deleted.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Adobe Forms Integration.

To create a form record

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Document screen, then the Forms Integration Administration view.
  2. In the Forms Integration list, create a new record, and provide a name and description.

    For example, create a form record named Contacts.

  3. Complete the fields, and select the appropriate integration object.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    Type the version number of the form.



    Select this check box to make the form inactive.


    Integration Object

    Select the source object for the integration object.



    Select this check box to retrieve the document from the server during the next synchronization session. (Siebel Remote only)



    Select this check box to automatically update your copy of the file when the original file is updated.


    Business Object

    Displays the business object associated with the integration object you selected.


    File Name

    Select the filename of the PDF form.


    File Type

    Displays the file type of the PDF form.



    Select PDF as the file type in which the form is generated.


    Attachment Business Component

    Select the business component with an Attachments view to which you want to attach the generated form.


    Forms Adapter

    Select Forms Integration PDF Adapter Service. Use the Debug Forms Integration PDF Adapter to troubleshoot issues with the Adobe integration.

    Forms Integration PDF Adapter Service.

    File Adapter

    Select Forms Integration File Adapter Service.

    Forms Integration File Adapter Service

    Attachment View

    Select the view to appear after the form is generated.

    Contact Attachment view

    Search Specification

    Type a search specification to select particular information from the child business component of the integration object.

    To include information from a Contact account only if the account is active, enter the example value in the Search Specification field, where Contact_Account represents the Integration Component Name.

    "[Contact_Account.Account Status] = 'Active' "

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