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Mapping the XML Schema to the PDF Form Using Adobe Designer

Administrators can map the data schema from a Siebel application to an Adobe PDF template using the drag-and-drop functionality provided with Adobe Designer software. For more information about using Adobe Designer, see the documentation provided with the Adobe application.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Adobe Forms Integration.

To map the schema to the PDF form

  1. Start Adobe Designer, and select the PDF file.

    For example, start Adobe Designer with a PDF file named, Contact.pdf.

  2. Choose File, then New Data Connection.
  3. Select the XML Schema option, and click Next.
  4. Use the XML Schema File field to select the XML schema file.

    Select the Embed XML Schema option, then click Finish.

  5. Click the Data View tab, and expand the node.

    For example, expand the Contact node. The schema columns appear under Contact. The columns include child components, which might be selected during mapping.

  6. In the PDF form, select the target field.
  7. Drag the data column from the Data View, and drop the column on the placeholder field in the PDF file.

    For example, drag and drop Last Name, First Name, Cellular Phone, Home Phone, and so on.

  8. Save the file.

    NOTE:  You must save the PDF file in a network location that the Siebel application can access at run time.

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