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Generating an XML Schema for Forms Integration

Complete the steps in the following procedure to generate the XML schema. For more information, see XML Reference: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Adobe Forms Integration.

To generate the schema for the forms integration object

  1. From the Siebel Tools Object Explorer list, select the new integration object, and then click Generate Schema.
  2. From the Generate XML Schema window, select a Business Service from the list.

    For example, choose EAI XML XSD Generator.

  3. In the Select an envelope type from the list field, select No Envelope.
  4. In the Choose the file name to save the schema object field, click Browse, select the file to which you want to save, and then click Finish.

    You must save the file in a network location that the Siebel application can access at run time.

    The XML Schema file, for example Contact_schema.xml, is generated from user inputs.

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