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Displaying Fields, Colors, Drilldowns, and ToolTips

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Displaying Fields for Calendar Records

You can configure one or more fields as display fields for calendar records. Field configuration is controlled by the applet user property, Display Fields. The value of this user property is a list of comma-delimited business component fields that you want to appear for each record in the calendar. For the Activity Calendar, the default value is Description, which is the description of the activity that appears in the calendar.

TIP:   If you want to display contents of more than one field, you can either configure multiple display fields or create a calculated field that concatenates other fields and set the concatenated field name as the value of the Display Fields user property. For example, multiple display fields are used for the calendar applet (CS CG Activity HI Calendar Applet) used by the Consumer Sector application.

Displaying Field Color

You can configure each display field to appear in a specified color and change the color dynamically. Use the Display Field Colors applet user property to configure the colors of the display fields. For information about this user property, see Table 60.

For example, the eEvents Event Calendar Applet has a value of Name for the Display Fields user property and a value of Event Type Color for the Display Field Colors user property. In the eEvents Event business component, Event Type Color has the following calculated field value:

IIF ([Event Type Color1] IS NOT NULL,[Event Type Color1],[Event Type Color2])

  • Event Type Color1 has the following calculated field value:

IIF ([Event Type LIC] = "Seminar","#3366CC",IIF ([Event Type LIC] = "Restricted", "#FF6633",IIF ([Event Type LIC] = "Fundraiser","#339933",IIF ([Event Type LIC]="Trade Show","#9900CC",IIF ([Event Type LIC]="Benefit","#7AB8F6","")))))

  • Event Type Color2 has the following calculated field value:

IIF ([Event Type LIC] = "Auction","#B2E5B2",IIF ([Event Type LIC] = "Conference", "#CC66FF",IIF ([Event Type LIC] = "Cultural","#FF0066",IIF ([Event Type LIC]="Presentation","#9999FF",IIF ([Event Type LIC]="Recreation","#FF6633","#CC9933")))))

You can create different types of events (for example, conference events and cultural events) in the Events view of the Events screen, and then navigate to the Calendar view of the Events screen to see the events in the appropriate colors in the eEvents Event Calendar Applet.

Displaying Field Drilldown

You can specify a drilldown object for each Display Field through the applet user property, Display Field Drilldown Object Names. The value of the user property is a comma-delimited list of drilldown objects defined for the applet.

Displaying Field ToolTip Text

When you position the mouse pointer over a display field in a calendar record, ToolTip text appears (Figure 10.) The ToolTip content is configurable through the applet user property Display Field Name.Tooltip Fields, where Display Field Name is the name of the display field.

The user property value is a list of comma-delimited business component fields. The values of these business component fields appear as the ToolTip in the display field. By default, the name of the business component field is used as the label in the ToolTip text.

Make the label for a ToolTip field translatable by creating a control in the applet with the name Tooltip Field Label:Field Name. The caption of the control is used as the label for the ToolTip field. For example, for the business component Quote, field Name, the ToolTip label for the field is defined as a control of name ToolTip Field Label:Quote.Name, and the caption of the control is the label for this field.

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