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Changing User Interface Strings

By changing the user interface strings, which come from Siebel Tools configurations, you can change the user interface controls. This topic applies only to the HI Calendar Base Applet, and not to calendar applets that you configure to display records from extra business components. For more information, see Specifying Extra Business Components.

The HI Calendar Base Applet contains the basic UI strings for all HI calendars and the repeating pop-up dialog. These UI controls can be overwritten by the current applet. Table 62 lists the applet controls.

Table 62. HI Calendar Base Applet Controls
Control Name

Daily Tab


Weekly Tab


Monthly Tab


New Button


Today Button


Print Button


Delete Button


5 Day Week Button

5 Day Week

7 Day Week Button

7 Day Week

New Account Call Button

New Account Call

New Contact Call Button

New Contact Call

New Meeting Button

New Meeting

Owner Label


Timezone Label

Time Zone

Private Label


No Description Label

(no description)

All Employee View Label

All Employees

Time Slot Label Tooltip

Click to create a new record

Tile Header Day Label Tooltip

Click to go to this day

Tooltip Field Label:Description


Tooltip Field Label:Meeting Location

Meeting Location

Tooltip Field Label:Comment


Tooltip Field Label:Planned


Tooltip Field Label:Planned Completion

Planned Completion

Tooltip Field Label:Type


Repeating Dialog Title

Edit Repeating Activities

Repeating Dialog Label 1

This appointment is part of a repeating series

Repeating Dialog Label 2

Please choose one of the following:

Repeating Dialog This Instance

Modify this instance

Repeating Dialog All Future Instances

Modify this and all future instances

Repeating Dialog OK Button


Repeating Dialog Cancel Button


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