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Integrating D&B Data

Integrating D&B data into the D&B Account tables and the Siebel Account tables in the Siebel database involves the following tasks:

  1. Obtaining D&B Data
  2. Loading D&B Data
  3. Running the Siebel Update Server Components

Administrators can integrate D&B data with Siebel UCM (Universal Customer Master) using the same process they use to integrate D&B data with the Siebel database. For real time integration, they insert the D&B record into the Source Data History (SDH) table in UCM (instead of promoting the D&B record directly into the base table). The UCM batch workflow processes the record from the SDH table. Alternatively, the real time connector workflow can process the record. For batch integration, administrators can create a D&B source file and import the records as they would from any external application. For information about the ERD for UCM, see the applicable Siebel Data Model Reference for Industry Applications on My Oracle Support.

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