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Obtaining D&B Data

You must obtain the following data files from D&B:

  • The Marketing Data file
  • The MRC file
  • The SIC file

Request these files in Siebel format, also referred to as 2202 or GDMDI data file format. D&B is able to provide files in this format without difficulty.

To obtain MRC and SIC files, send email to the following address:

In addition to these files, you can request D&B data layout documentation from D&B.

The Marketing Data File. This file contains detailed company information, such as the company's legal name, address, contact information, and so on.

The MRC and SIC Files. These files are reference files that the Siebel D&B modules require. Both files contain information referenced by the demographic company data provided by D&B.

MRC stands for Management Responsibility Code. The MRC file contains a list of lookup values for the contacts and their positions such as CEO, Vice President of Marketing, and so on. Each contact has an associated numerical code that is referenced by the D&B marketing data to determine the title or position of a company contact.

SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification and is a code developed by the Federal government to describe the type of activity performed by the business at this location. The SIC file contains a list of SIC codes assigned and maintained by D&B along with their definitions. D&B's Primary SIC code indicates the line of business that provides the largest revenue contribution to the business. D&B also maintains and assigns six levels of subsidiary SIC codes to describe in greater detail additional lines of business activity for a given company. By default, the SIC code provided in the SIC file and the Marketing Data file is the 4-digit SIC code.

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