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Requirements for Getting Started

After you have successfully installed your Siebel Business Applications, you must enter license keys so that you and your organization can access the Siebel Business Applications that your organization has purchased. After the license keys have been entered, you are ready to set up your Siebel Business Applications.

Table 2 lists the software that must be correctly installed before you can begin to use your Siebel Business Applications.

Table 2. Required Software
More Information

Siebel Gateway Name Server

Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using

Siebel Server

Siebel Database Server

Siebel Tools or Siebel Developer Web Client

Siebel Business Applications

Application-specific administration guide and this guide

After these Siebel servers and applications are successfully installed, you can proceed to enter license keys for each specific Siebel application.

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