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Summary of Application Administration Tasks

Table 4 summarizes the additional application administration tasks necessary to set up various Siebel Business Applications and optional modules.

Table 4. Application Administration Tasks
If You Want to
You Might Have to Perform
More Information

Use any Siebel CRM base application (for example, Siebel Sales or Siebel Call Center)

Initial Setup tasks.

Initial Setup

Ongoing administration tasks.

Ongoing Application Administration Tasks

Control access to views or data

Tasks to establish a strategy for controlling access to views and data. These tasks include:

  • Establish the business environment (such as organizations, divisions, territories).
  • Add employees.
  • Assign responsibilities to employees.

Siebel Security Guide

Launch a global deployment

Locale and language administration tasks.

Setting Up Locales

Setting Up Languages

Siebel Global Deployment Guide

Manage global accounts

Account administration tasks to set up global account hierarchies.

Global Accounts

Use Application Services Interfaces (ASIs) for accounts, contacts, or households

Tasks to set up Web services and activate workflows for the ASIs.

Integration Using ASIs

Create catalogs for data, including products

Tasks to create catalogs for products, literature, solutions and auctions.

Siebel Order Management Guide

Use Correspondence, Presentations, and Proposals functionality

Tasks to set up the Siebel Document Server, and create templates.

Siebel Correspondence, Proposals, and Presentations Guide

Use the calendar to set up resources, such as conference rooms, equipment, and projectors

Calendar administration tasks.


Use Assignment Manager to automatically assign tasks to appropriate users

Tasks to create skills and other criteria.

Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide

Use Siebel Marketing

Marketing administration tasks.

Siebel Marketing Installation and Administration Guide

Manage lists of prospects, contacts, accounts, positions, and employees

List Management tasks.

Siebel Marketing User Guide and Global Target List Management

Use Competency Management

Skills and competencies administration tasks.

NOTE:  These skills are different skills than those used by Assignment Manager.

Siebel Project and Resource Management Administration Guide

Use Time Sheets and Expense Reports

Tasks for Time Sheet and Expense Report setup, such as creating work types.

Siebel Project and Resource Management Administration Guide

Manage Service schedules, Service Assets, Warranties

Service administration tasks.

Siebel Field Service Guide

Manage orders and the order process

Order administration tasks.

Siebel Order Management Guide

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