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Adding a Household Record

Use the following procedure to add a household record.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Households.

To add a household

  1. Navigate to the Households screen, then the List view.
  2. In the list and the form below it, create a new record, and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    Household #

    Displays a unique identifier for the household.


    Type a name that identifies the household. Typically this name is the last name of one or more contacts who are members of the household.


    Select the type of people that make up the household. Typical values include Family - Children, Family - No children, Family - Senior Citizen, and Single.


    Select the value of the household to your organization. Available values are Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Standard.


    Select the general economic class of the household, or home-ownership status. Typical values are White Collar, Blue Collar, Rural, Own Residence, and Renter.


    Select the current stage in the customer interaction life cycle. Defaults to Active for a new household record.


    Select the employees assigned to work with this household. If a call center user is not a member of the household team, that user does not receive information about this household during Mobile Web Client synchronization.


    Select the organization that interacts with the household.


    Type the total income from all members of the household.

    Head of Household

    Select the name of the main decision-maker for the household. Available values are all the contacts for the household.


    Type the amount of revenue your organization obtains from this household.


    Select the estimated total wealth of the household.


    Type the total number of people in the household.


    Displays the address of the primary household contact.


    Displays the name of the city where the primary household contact resides.


    Displays the name of the state where the primary household contact resides.

    Zip Code

    Displays the zip code of the primary household contact.

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