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Setting Expiration Dates and Due Dates for Inbox Items

Each Inbox item that is created is associated with an Inbox type. Fields in the Inbox type record determine the expiration and due dates for items of that type.

This task is a step in Process of Administering the Inbox.

To change how item expiration and due dates are set for Inbox items of a given type

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Inbox screen, then the All Inbox Types view.
  2. In the Inbox Types list, select a record and edit the fields in the following table.

    Default Queue Duration (Days)

    Type a value that represents the number of days for the default queue duration. This field determines the due date for the item. When the item has been in the Inbox of the owner for more than this number of days, the Past Due check box appears selected.

    Item Expiration Duration (Days)

    Type a value that represents the number of days for the item time expiration. This field determines the expiration date for the item. This field appears in the Submitted Items List view. By default, no action is taken when an item expires.

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