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About Opportunity Workflows

Opportunity workflows enhance lead routing and provide sales professionals with greater visibility into their sales activities. These workflows are executed from the Opportunities screen. An opportunity record describes important information about the opportunity such as the account, potential revenue of the deal, the probability of closure, the lead status and sales stage, the sales team primary, and the expected close date. The Opportunities screen allows you to manage and track information associated with a potential revenue-generating event.

Opportunity workflows allow managers to manage opportunities by tracking potential high-income opportunities, informing managers about sales teams actions regarding an opportunity, and notifying sales team when an opportunity meets a set of criteria.

The predefined opportunity workflows allow you to use email to capture information related to the opportunity and distribute timely notifications to key members of the sales team. These workflows help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales cycle while also providing sales representatives and sales managers greater visibility into sales activities. The email notification process is activated only if the opportunity has a possible revenue of more than $50,000.

The seven predefined opportunity workflows are:

  • Opportunity Assigned Notification Process
  • Opportunity Inactive Notification Process
  • Opportunity Lost Notification Process
  • Opportunity Pending Notification Process
  • Opportunity Won Notification Process
  • Create rerouted Oppty Activity
  • Get Manager Email

You can use Siebel Audit Trail to track the changes that have been made to the opportunity records. For information about configuring, implementing, testing, and monitoring workflows, see Siebel Business Process Framework: Workflow Guide. For more information about how to audit opportunities, see Siebel Audit Trail.

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