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Rerouting an Opportunity Using Workflows

The Create Rerouted Oppty Activity workflow is executed when a sales representative receives a lead and changes the Status field to Reroute. The workflow creates a new Activity record with a Type of Reroute for the designated sales operator. This informs the sales operator that a specific opportunity has been requested for rerouting. All reassigned opportunities are listed in the Activities view as rerouted activities.

NOTE:  If a sales manager or sales administrator is responsible for rerouting leads, you can modify the workflow so that the Create Rerouted Oppty Activity is assigned to the sales manager or administrator. You can also create a workflow that reassigns the lead to a sales manager or administrator.

To set up the opportunity reroute activity

  • Revise the Create Rerouted Oppty Activity workflow process. Replace the value of the Default String field in the Sales Operator Login record with the username of the sales operator who will receive the activity. Remember that the username is case-sensitive.
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