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Viewing D&B Aggregate Data for a Company

When you have the D&B account information loaded into your Siebel application, some views allow you to use the data and view company hierarchies. The following procedure explains how to view aggregate data for a company using the D&B screen.

NOTE:  D&B data for a company is read-only until the company is promoted to a Siebel account. For more information, see Promoting a D&B Account.

To view aggregate data

  1. Navigate to the D&B screen.
  2. In the D&B Accounts list select the account for which you want to view the aggregate data.
  3. In the More Info form, click Query.
  4. In the query form, enter the query criteria, and then click Go.

    A list of D&B accounts that meet your criteria appear.

    NOTE:  If the DUNS # (number) field does not appear in the list, click the menu button, choose Columns Displayed, and adjust the list of displayed columns.

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