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About Siebel Signature Capture Controls

You can configure custom views that allow your Siebel Business Applications to capture signatures. The Siebel Signature Capture control provides properties and methods that you can use in Siebel Tools or Siebel Scripting to implement the following functionality:

  • Allow users to write signatures on a suitable device.
  • Save signatures into Siebel tables.
  • Retrieve and view previously captured signatures.
  • Clear a signature from the signature control.

This chapter provides guidelines and illustrated examples of how to use the Signature Capture control object in Siebel Business Applications. The example configuration and scripts provided in this chapter are examples only. Do not consider the examples to be complete code, or an implementation strategy. For more information about how to configure and develop Siebel Business Applications, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications and Siebel Developer's Reference.

Siebel Life Sciences includes a prebuilt Signature Capture for Samples Management feature. No configuration is required for this feature. For more information about this feature, see Siebel Life Sciences Guide.

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